I started with an Aristo PRR Boxcar Opposite side
Shortened frame by removing center piese Braced frame to accept weight and not bend on the job
Cut out areas for windows & doors Cut out plow from styrene and the center wedge plate from metal
Attached plate (photo to right) and cut and fit 2 side plates from styrene
Installed center wedge plate and spare cupola from a caboose Added windows, doors, headlight. stirups and primered
Also added extra styrene for more support under leading edge of plow Later, I added the wings using all styrene mounted on brass hinges
Close ups show how wings are kept out in place- A Bolt is inserted thru a hole and a nut is placed on the back.  When the snow pushes against it, the end of the bolt jams against the hinge, keepinging it in place. Bolt shown from the front. I keep 2 sets of bolts handy- this set Keeps the wings about 1/2 way out, and a longer set keep it almost all the way 

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