Mel Nelson's


The Fiddler

The Skier 

More Santas The Yankees- (not the same as the '27 Yankees)

Still another Santa

Humming Bird
Another Santa............

.....with a shotgun and dead duck! 

Slim Mel
Visitors invariably always asked, " How long does it take to carve one of these projects?" He never could answer that  question as he never kept track. 
"Tough Luck, You're buying"
THE NEXT FEW PAGES show some of the things he did before carving, but right after retirement. He did chalk drawings, ceramics, and made furniture.

NOT the same cowgirl as on page 5 or Wyatt Earp on page 3--DIFFERENT hats!

His first try at chalk drawing, someone ruined by wiping it with their hand. This is his second.

Garfield Wind chimes

He made another of these with pine needle hat and each needle was there!

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